Harris Dining Hall

Harris Dining Hall is located in the South Quad of Miami University. Harris offers many different food options. It ranges from a Mexican food station, a campus grill, and a place that has food that is similar to a home cooked meal. Along with those options Harris has two restaurants in the location: La Mia Cucina and Panache. La Mia Cucina is an Italian restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner and takes meal plans. While Panache is only open for dinner it still has many options with a regularly changing menu. The dining hall of Harris is open Monday through Friday 7am-10:30am, 11am-2pm, and 5pm-7pm. Then on the weekends it is open from 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm. Although Harris is the most convenient place to eat in the South is it really worth it? Residents of Morris Hall (a prominent hall on the South Quad) have said despite the convenience the food quality is not worth going to Harris. Residents of the South Quad go to either Haines Food Court in Shriver Center or Scott Hall for food. With the prices of Harris being really reasonable students feel obligated to go there for food in order to save money on their meal plan. The restaurants in Harris are a lot more expensive because they charge for each item of food rather than a flat rate but again people are looking to spend more money then go to Harris to eat. Despite the low quality in food, Harris seems to be healthy as they offer many different options for its patrons with the options of many fruits and vegetables. Also, at the restaurants healthy options are available with many salad and healthy dish options. Overall, Harris is great in convenience just not quality, but the two restaurants are really exceptional and make up for the lack of quality at Harris.

Written by: Christopher Hopkins


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